Fox Sports rolls out new graphics for NFL coverage


Foxx Sports has rolled out new graphics for its coverage of the NFL.

The new graphics are a vast improvement and look very polished. One interesting note, FOX is now broadcasting the games letterboxed to SD viewers. With that said, many of the graphics still seem safe zone oriented with only a few taking advantage of the extra wings.

View more screen grabs after the jump.


The new look builds on some of the old package, but this package incorporates more curves and more blues. The previous package used yellow and silver heavily.


The graphics use the Fox Box instead of a score bar like NBC Sports. Fox’s MLB coverage currently uses a graphics package that was developed for FSN, so we’ll see if they switch over to this next season.


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  • Anonymous

    It has only been 2 years since they came out with the FoxBox. Seems like a goddamn eternity. Fix it you morons.

  • Anonymous

    CAN YOU HEAR??????? We can’t see the score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Walker

    Come on man !!! Put the score board in the middle of the screen so we can enjoy the game. I’m just a lowly bricklayer and I’ve got more smarts then you.

  • Erin B

    We also can’t see half the score box and we don’t have cable, just the digital converter. So I’m assuming it can’t be the cable company. So lame, but our only chance to watch the Seahawks so we deal with it.

  • Monte

    I like the score box on CBS. I can see it all the time. It’s centered at the top. If FOX did the same they can’t blame the cable company. Can’t see the score line on FOX with any aspect setting on any of me 4 TVs. It’s hard to boycott FOX for their stupidity but we can try.

  • Anonymous

    i would like to stick my be alls in someones mouth for being such morons. I mean, I am even willing to watch the game on the internet when ALL they show is the score. Seems like being able to see the score would be pretty high up on the new graphics design requirements.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect example of corporate indifference to the consumer’s complaints. Apparently they just do not care enough about the comments to fix things. That’s what happens when you get smug and think the consumer will get what we feed them…not necessarily what the consumer wants or needs.

  • FOX is Lame!

    Fox and FX, The format is too large, so we cant see the whole picture. Game clocks, fight clocks, its just stupid! Get your Sh*t together and FIX this!!!!!

  • Dave M

    I can see the score box on my 33 inch screen as long as I don’t zoom, I just can’t read the damn clock!

  • Bob

    You can only see part of the picture, on all my TV’s the score is cut in half. on my Sony Brava LCD HDTV, and on ALL the old square TV’s……This Really Sucks, (unlike).

  • Larry

    Been unable to see the score for football or baseball. Fox blames cable company cable company blames fox. It’s fox for other family lives out of state different cable company another family member has Dish network same problem no matter where you are. FOX when are you going to listen to your viewers.

  • Anonymous

    refuse to view football on Fox Tv, fox box stays half hidden, when it appears print is to small to read. Its not the cable co.Its Fox, go to espn to find a game score.. Sad

  • Kris

    Aaahh!! Can’t see the whole scoreboard!!!

  • Charlie

    When are you going to put the score box where we can see it? Great watching the world series and you can only see part of the score. I’ve called on this before and you guys were no help at all. Just put the damn score in the upper middle where we can see all of it.

  • Pissed Off

    It’s pretty fucking lame that I can’t see the damn score. Get your shit together and stop jackin’ around!!

  • Judy

    Please get the score where we can see it. It is half-way showing in the left corner. Put it on the bottom of the screen MIDDLE. Please!

  • Judy

    I agree – not seeing the score is terrible! Put the score in the bottom or top MIDDLE please! This is very frustrating!

  • I hate to have the tv screen cluttered with all of these graphics and now the “virtual” scrimmage and first down lines. To me, they are complete distractions. I want to see an uncluttered picture. At appropriate times, flash the score and occasional graphics and then let it go.
    ESPN seems to be the worst of the lot. Their scoring band is almost smack dab in the middle of the screen.

  • Kyle

    What’s the name of the font that Fox Sports uses for the number of points each team has? They’ve used it forever, but I have no idea what it’s called.

  • rams2050

    I HAVE a widescreen TV and even when I fiddle with the various screen sizes the score is cut off. I can tell what ONE team’s points are, but I cannot see the other team’s score NOR can I tell how much time is left on the clock.


  • Jinglehopper

    Not seeing the score SUCKS!!!!!! WTH is the problem. It would be nice to keep up with the game. thIS REALLY SUCKS trying to watch the superbowl and can not see clock, scores or downs!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    How do you manage to hide the score logo so cleverly?

  • Anonymous

    Why cant FOX just put the score in the upper middle? They obviously know about the problem. Its been going on for months. Its also like that on a HD TV we have. Also when there’s a review of a game on another station like ABC or NBC the score is completely visible.

  • Jet

    I Cant See the score box on my NFL Games, WTF FOX, dont tell me to call my cable company, you caused the problem so you fix it. I Will not watch anything on FOX at all til the problem is solved, im sure i’m not the only one.

  • Pat

    Why do I want the top and bottom large bars and small side bars on my TV. I don’t have HDTV. I would prefer that the entire screen be used as it always has been in the past.

  • Anonymous

    Even WITH a wide screen tv, score display is cut off. WTF??

  • Anonymous

    yeah new format sucks i can’t see the graphics and hd channel are a poorer quality than cbs or abc

  • Anonymous

    It’s time to move into the 21st century. If broadcasters can’t figure out how to get with the times and switch to 16:9 full-time (with SD letterboxing, of course) on their own, they’ll certainly learn after millions of NFL fans complain that they can’t see the scoreboard.

  • JW

    I thought the standard TV was the problem. I went to wide screen, but still can’t see all the graphics. Another site suggests that the cable companies can’t adjust properly to the 16:9/4.3 setup. Fox is also doing this with their current Baseball graphic, but the problem only shows up on the national games.

  • me

    I’m with anonymous. Couldn’t see the full score on my tv. Very annoying

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a wide screen tv, therefore, the score and time box were displayed to the left upper corner of screen during denver/pittsburgh game. Please move the score/time box to the upper middle of screen. I could see only the right half of the score/time box.

  • Cajundweeb

    Sweet! Now THAT’s how you infuse some testosterone into the graphics!