‘Today’ debuts new site, adds KLGandHoda.com


NBC’s “Today Show” has a new Web site, dropping the standalone look it had been using in favor of the standard MSNBC-branded site look.

The new site featuers the familiar MSNBC.com layout with a “top stories” area, a tabbed “more” box and sections that allow users to control the number of stories that appear in each. The header’s flowing gold and orange hues match the show’s on-air look.

While this new look is more uniform with the MSNBC.com brand, it’s not quite as engaging as the old design, which used a more cohesive look.

Also of note: the show’s fourth hour hosts, Hoda Kotb and Katie Lee Gifford, have their own site now as well: KLGandHoda.com.

MSNBC.com has continued its strategy of focusing more on individual show brands on their sites, making the MSNBC name secondary. Other sites, such as CNN.com, have show pages that match the look and feel of the show’s on-air graphics, but this tends to be placed below the CNN.com branding and navigation. MSNBC, on the other hand, typically makes the show more prominent, even to the extent of recoloring the header bar and only  having a small “Powered By MSNBC.com” tagline.

This sometimes creates a bit of a disjointed look as one navigation around MSNBC.com and headers change design and size from page to page. We wonder if keeping the rainbow-tinted MSNBC.com header with some kind of “sub-branding” might be more effective…

PLEASE NOTE: This is a blog post about the Web site of the fourth hour of Today. If you have questions or comments about NBC’s Today Show, please e-mail NBC at TODAY@nbcuni.com.

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  • The makeovers that you present on the show are always inspiring, and I’m sure a big treat for those in need.(Don’t we all want one at some point or another?) However, I’m a bit flummoxed by your departure/promotional gift of a T-shirt for them. This seems like such a passe’ and schmaltzy thing. Does that do anything for one’s “look”???? How about a tote bag exclaiming your largesse? Something a bit more fashionable..??

  • Sharon

    Loved Billy Bush as the co-host! This would make a great pairing on-going!

  • scott

    Hoda you look smokin hot today. That mini vacation did you great:) luv the tan !

  • Yvonne

    who dressed Kathy today? Pretty summer print sleveless dress (it’s not spring yet!) and then high black boots, UGH!

  • wow i love hoda, and Kathy Lee they are fun, and funny, and they both have great legs, I am trying to be a reporter i would love to co-host a show with these to wow i love the 4th hour, i watch abc gma but i then turn to nbc for Kathy and Hoda Hour

  • cathy

    Love the show!! Kathy Lee is hilarious and real…what a great pairing with Hoda!! I’m urging everyone to watch