‘Ed Show’ now originating from ‘news nook’


MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” which debuted using the main MSNBC studio, has switched to broadcasting from one of 30 Rock’s so-called “news nooks.”

The program, which originally made creative use of the video wall in the far end of MSNBC’s studio, now uses a video loop of a control room for its background. The background appears to be a modified version of the the one once used on “NBC Nightly News,” with some branding added to the monitors. MSNBC fans will recall the video loop was actually captured at MSNBC’s New Jersey studios during the middle of the night.

As we wrote earlier, the camera angles used for “NBC Nightly News” were modified after “The Ed Show” debuted, likely to avoid having Ed’s rather colorful video wall showing up behind Brian Williams. However, “Nightly News” has resumed its normal, more straight-on shots of Williams.

One downside of this new arrangement, however, is that “The Ed Show” can no longer have in-studio guests, since the news nooks aren’t really designed for this purpose. Instead, New York-based guests are typically seated on the main MSNBC set that still retains some of its “Ed” branding, albeit not on the tall video wall that appears in the “Nightly News” shots.


Update: TVNewser hears Ed is more comfortable with the smaller setup:

Schultz regularly broadcasts his show from Minneapolis with a similar setup and the network felt Schultz, who also hosts a daily radio show, seemed more comfortable in that type of an arrangement.

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  • Jim

    They’re using another nook with a graphics loop for the guests. While yes, the newsroom is lit for Nightly News, the MSNBC desk area doesn’t actually require lighting, just the surrounding walls. The argument that NBC doesn’t want Ed with his graphics and bright colours in the background, but does want his guests with the same graphics and bright colours just isn’t salient.

  • Anonymous

    Looks to me they moved him closer to the back door,with the next move out in the ally with the cats.

  • Dak Dillon


    They have to light the main MSNBC studio during that time period no matter what because it’s behind Brian Williams on Nightly News.

    It’s interesting that most guests sit on the real MSNBC set while Ed himself is in a nook. Sometimes they will also use a flashcam position for the guests.

  • Jim

    If they are using the nook for Ed, they are most definitely using one of adjoining nooks for his guests. I have never watched the show, and seeing a side-by-side comparison of two guest shots might show some slight differences in the two guest shots. I know the Nightly News situation was a cost-cutting measure, so it is highly unlikely that they’d light a studio just for the guest of a fairly low-rated cable show, when they don’t light a considerably smaller studio for Weekend Nightly News, which has much higher ratings.

  • Charliemax

    Send the wrong message? You must be joking. That message was recieved years ago.

  • Anonymous

    I have been waiting for SOMEONE on the internets to address this issue. I am an occasional viewer of his show, but I watch it enough to know that he no longer used the main MSNBC studio. I figured they moved him because of Nightly News (you know, the whole idea of having a Liberally-branded show being taped alongside a straight news show might send the wrong message). But I sure wouldn’t mind hearing an official explanation from MS/NBC.