CNBC debuts new ‘modern’ graphics in the US and Europe


CNBC and CNBC Europe today launched new graphics with a cleaner, more modern, look.

The graphics replaced most elements of the previous package including the ticker, stock market bar, l3, slates, etc. Also, some shows had new intros with  updated fonts and a peacock symbol as the dominant element.

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Breaking News Open:




Overall, the new package is a good improvement over the past graphics, but the stock market box seems almost too big. Also, all of the graphics seem very large when you compare them to the size of space they actual take up on air, since CNBC chops off the top and bottom for tickers.

The package uses many reflections and “wet floor” effects to help give it a modern feel. The CNBC bug has also been changed and now cycles through various icons of where you can watch CNBC including online, on your phone and on TV.

General Show Graphics:




The new look works for CNBC and shares some of the same modern elements that MSNBC has. The roll out will continue through today and then the tweaking will begin.

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  • afseeker

    I like the old chart of CNBC. The chart of CNBC today is too simple.

  • MD

    I agree with the post about how their upgrades always seem to take a step backwards. The Pybrun look has so much chrome in it that it reminded me of the graphics generated by early 3D renderer developers when they figuring out how to do reflection mapping.

    I did hear that the design was out-sourced – typical GE/NBC move. They should ask for their money back.

  • It kinda looks like a giant iPhone app with the banner backgrounds etc. It seems every website and tv channel is trying to look like this these days.

  • ejknight

    This is reminiscent of the graphics package they had pre Pyburn Oct 2000. This is a major step backward. CNBC usually changes their on air look every 2-3 years so an overhaul was overdue. When they make these changes why can’t they build on the most recent package. Seems like they go back to revert to a previous look.

    -Pyburn 2005-2010 was the “next generation” of the package from Oct 2000- 2003 (also by Pyburn Films)

    -Oct 2003-Dec 2005 had the look of the mid 90’s graphics and titles

    -Present package (Mar 2010) looks like the late 90’s package.

    I suspect things are in transition and we may see and hear more changes in the coming months. Music will probably change too. That is over due too.

  • Brooks

    Ugh, I don’t like it. The red numbers in the upper bar are hard to read. The ticker which is useful for quick reference seems to have taken a back seat. I don’t care about the percentage the DJIA is down or up for the day, if I did I could find it easily on the web. The afterhours “gold” text for AH trades is ridiculously hard to read. What gives? I didn’t think it was broken, so why did someone try to fix it? Job security?

  • susan

    Please change the font and color to be easy to read from across the room when NOT wearing glasses, like it was before.
    I promise I will not be such an avid watcher if you don’t. Thanks in anticipation of your consideration.

  • Nate255

    It doesn’t look very modern. The font is hard to read and the blue hue with lime green colors are kind of nauseating. The ‘breaking news’ logo looks like it is from the 80’s.

  • KD

    Not that much change, however very European and a touch of 3D styling using the Klavika font.
    Nice look and use of the same idents across the world on all CNBC channels.

  • “Modern”…. really? What part of the design is modern?
    Maybe if 1998 is considered modern. Clearly it was designed by the same team who did our look at MSNBC. and we are doing great in the ratings. NBC has destroyed every other brand so it seems that they are working their magic on CNBC now. *larry

    • Dak Dillon

      Based on the font, “wet floor” effect and bevels its a modern styling, or very “European.”

      But, I do think some elements are almost too big and cluttering since CNBC crops the display so much anyway.

  • Abric P

    The new major font is Klavika (mainly used by ESPN, Chevrolet, Facebook, Comcast and many others).

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