WNNFans.com directs users to Facebook page

World News Now, ABC News’ overnight news broadcast has been promoting the domain “WNNFans.com” on the air as an easier way to get viewers to visit its Facebook page.

The domain automatically sends users who enter it to www.facebook.com/ABCWorldNewsNow (it’s worth nothing the directory name ABC uses “ABCWorldNewsNow” is a bit long, clunky and hard to remember, making the domain even more of a good idea).

It’s also interesting to note that ABC is using Facebook for its entire fan-based site, rather than relying on its own proprietary software or a service such as Ning or KickApps. Not only does Facebook provide much of the same functionality as these services, but it has the advantage of already having a huge user base, negating the need for fans to sign up for yet another account online.

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  • deb

    Rob is just the best. I look forward to starting my day with you guys every morning. Keep up the good work. I love you Rob!!!

  • Anonymous

    yes Romey is right 47 % will vote the other way so why waste your time if I got everything free why would I vote for someone is going to take it away and even the NEWS ABC CBS HAS SAID THE SAME THING I could vote ffor someone that lies all the time and has for 4 years

  • i think its funny but i think nfl should replace to regular ref because there is big mess in nfl right now but i dont worry but san fran doing good so far thank god steven

  • Anonymous

    I miss Rob!He and his co-anchor are great and their replacements are too especially Sunny.Rob and Paula is one of the reasons I am up so early.Also I was a fan of the Today Show but when Katie departed the joy left so I switch back and forth and found out that Good Morning America had it going on!

  • Anonymous

    you and paula are the best!

  • James Milner

    Rob you and Paula are the best news anchors on tv period. !!!! Please don’t ever divorce. Lol

  • Rhonda Artis

    Dear Rob and Paula,

    You guys really make my day every morning, I have to watch the show, I am truly hooked. Your show is so unique and different, such true passion I love it. Your comments and expressions are always spot on, you mimic what I am thinking at that time. Bottom line you guys rock!

    Rhonda in Windsor NC

  • adonis

    i watch your show every morning and sonny i think your beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Rob and Paula are a perfect “couple.”

  • Seeing how I have to get up early, I’ve been watching your show and find it better than the Today Show. You have more stuff on there and it isn’t all fluff either. Plus you’re funny too. 🙂

  • rearview cameras are a no brainer…as suggested by the gorgeous brunette. however rear sonar/auto-brake would stop the vehicle from running over ANY obstacle(child, animal, or property) Duh…and eliminate human error for about the same price or less.think about it…It’s about the innocent.

  • Anonymous

    Watch you show every morning. You guys are so funny. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    I have been watching wnn for many years and whenever someone leaves, i feel bad. Until your next anchor comes on. They all impress me and are a joy to watch. Sunny is so cute, and Rob is too. Love to watch you present the news. Keep up the good work.

    Alice from Wisconsin and Arizona

  • ms moody

    rob is the best this why I watch WNN.
    He is soooo funny. does the news great keep it the great job Rob. 🙂 Ms. moody b

  • Rita

    To the Anchors, When I can’t sleep..I watch ABC World News Now..I Love it! The humor is the Best. I love the banter. So fun to watch while you bring the latest news. Keep Up The Great Work!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think all the people who work and deliver the news Rob/Venita have great personalities, humor and keep the show rolling. Good job to everyone, even accordianist World News Polka!!

  • i get up at 3am to get my husband off to work , we watch every morning and love the anchors , but why did Jeremy leave … although i do see a story every now and than from him ! love vanita and Rob(?), THANKS for getting my day started ,keep up the good work ! ya’ll are tooo funny and laid back and i like that !

  • Good morning just to let you know that I watch you every morning I am up at 3am and this and all of you therte get my day started KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  • Been watching every morning for years&donot understand why everytime I like a new host they vanish,I must have missed your show the morning you explained why Jeremy left,Pleased tell me why&where he is&what he’s doing now.(JEREMY”S#1FAN)

  • Benjie

    I just watched your segment on notebooks. Just google each of them for problems. ACER horrible customer support. when it breaks and they do your on your own. Getting it warrantied is but a hassle.
    HP, there were 3 hp dv6000s’ in our household. well 2 have the same motherboard issue that HP refuses to do anything but sell us new ones. another company that doesn’t stand by their product once you buy it. none of the reps could speak English and I spoke to a few. I explained how much we loved our laptops, we just wanted them to take responsibility for a defect they know exists. Then I threatened to buy Apples. You would think they would do something to take care of a customer who has purchased 3 of their products. Yeah well Im typing this on my new Macbook Pro15.
    Apple has done a great job and it is well worth the money spent. check the market they even hold their value after 2 years! HP, compac, acer all are lucky to still have all their features still working after 2 years. just stop into an Apple store and you’ll see who cares about their product. every time you open your Mac you feel good. Im not sure how they did that but you just do.

  • Allee B.

    I love your show. I get the news from anchors that have personality , Can’t say that about many shows.