January 9, 2012

‘CBS This Morning’ debuts from Studio 57

CBS News’ new morning show, “CBS This Morning,” has debuted from its new home at the CBS Broadcast Center.

The newly-constructed studio mixes modern, high tech looks with more traditional scenic elements.

The show’s main anchor desk includes a round central section that has the CBS eye etched onto the shiny glass surface. The area is backed by a large video wall. Throughout the set, exposed brick gives the studio a contemporary, loft-like feel.

To the right of the video wall, the world map from the Walter Cronkite-era “CBS Evening News” set is mounted on the wall (a version also appears on the current “Evening News” set).

Near this is another video wall with feeds that mirror exactly what the director sees in the control room. Situated in front of this is a small work area that includes some industrial decorative lighting.

Another wall includes additional exposed brick and shelving that houses authentic CBS News memorabilia.

Throughout the set, flat screen, vertically-mounted, nearly-edgeless LCD monitors are included.

The studio’s floor is a warm wood tone, exposed brick walls and backlit ceiling elements carry on the loft-like feel. One element of the set, however, makes the set feel a bit too “real” — a rather distracting and unflattering “Exit” sign just to the right of the main video wall. Another interesting feature is the adjacent green room complete with glass doors and windows that overlook the studio area.

Meanwhile, the show uses a light blue, sliver and gold color scheme to create a simple logotype.

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  • Anonymous

    where is maggie, and erica

  • Jen

    I love the new show. Thank you for providing more in depth news stories rather than a 10 second clip. I think the team is a good balance although I always loved Chris Ragge. He and Jeff Glor were always funny together. I like Charlie’s demeanor and professionalism and I really do like Gayle. She’s not as polished as the others and I find that refreshing. Its like she cuts through the BS and just talks to people like any one else would. However, I have to agree, the eyelashes need to go! She can barely hold her eyes open.

  • CWG

    Love the new format.Thank you for coming up with a great formula that entertains and informs. Please keep up the good work and do not let the nay sayers discourage your efforts.

  • http://www.newscaststudio.com/blog/2012/01/09/cbs-this-morning-debuts-from-studio-57/ perry

    CBS should have a WEST COAST VERSION of this show in SF. The whole world does not occur in NYC despite what they feel. What is really annoying is Charlie and Gayle. Charlie is always trying to one up the interviewee and Gayle is one of those people trying to hard to be seen. Frankly CBS, although I like CBS, is a cut throat boss. Thank GOD for Erica Hill. Too much personality B—-S—- from the other 2 members. Show a little loyalty to your previous employees CBS. You have quite frankly LOST THE LUSTER AND GLEAM CBS ONCE HAD in my eye.

  • Steve in Lincoln

    The Early Show was so much better. Why change something that was working and very successful? And who picks Ericka Hills clothes? They are the absolute guadiest things i have ever seen. Guess it time to move on to a different morning show. Whoever is responsible for this deserves to be fired!!!!

  • dbf

    I have tried to give this show a chance but with Gail King voice and her talking over everyone and everything it’s hard to enjoy..her voice is grating and she always talks OVER her guests and her co-anchors to the point you can’t understand what is going…take for instance the announcements for the oscars she ran her mouth so much it was difficult to her the nominees…She sucks at her job..Please get rid of her and replace her with someone more deserving

  • John Figliozzi

    Finally, finally a network morning show that treats us like we have a brain! All I can say is that the folks here who say they hate it probably don’t have one. They like the inane happy talk, celebrity-soaked features, stories on people who have nothing at all in common with the rest of us and the freak sideshow attractions. If this is what someone wants in the morning, there are a slew of shows that will satisfy your morbid curiosities. CBS This Morning is an intelligent, relevant and informative alternative that satisfies a yawning gap in American commercial morning television. Bravo to your courage, thoughtful creativity and sober consideration of what really matters. You cover that which really affects our lives, conduct conversational interviews that answer questions I want to ask without giving the bum’s rush to your in-studio guests. Yet the show moves and casts a wide net. Stay with it and I will stay with you.

  • L W

    This new version sucks big time! I too hate the round table and the backs of the heads. Charlie is boring and I never could stand Gayle King! They need to take the weekend edition and use those same anchors and the same formula during the week.
    On a positive note (the only one I can think of): I do kind of like the background of the set.

  • Anonymous

    This is truly awful. It’s so boring that if I was a local affiliate, I would refuse to carry it. Whoever’s in charge and made this decision should be fired. It literally looks like something on PBS. NOBODY wants a cold, serious news show in the morning. This is just the height of stupid decisions. CBS should just drop morning shows all together and run syndicated programming if this is the best they can do. Can’t wait to see how bad the ratings nosedive now with this mess.

  • Hating it

    I have watched the CBS morning show for years. I absolutely hate the change. Erica Hill is the only good thing about it. I guess I will be moving on.

  • Dorothy

    I have watched for 4 days now and I do NOT like the new show. When I hear Charlie Rose it takes me back to the 60′s (boring), no emotion. Gale is a nice addition to the show and I love Erica Hill and Jeff Glor. The best team was Harry Smith, Julie Chen, Dave Price and Maggie Rodrigez. Bring back some of the spirit of that show with Erica, Jeff and Gale. I also DO NOT like seeing the backs of the anchors with the cameras spinning around the new table. This new show feels too sterile, I prefer the more spontaneous personal touch. Dorothy from Canaan, CT
    FYI – not everyone uses facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Hate it! Bring back the Chris Wragge! I’ll definitely be switching channels! Wrong move CBS

  • Shirley Chambers

    I have watched the Early Show all my life, I do not like this new show and cast except Erica Hill, she is great. Please bring back Chris Wrage and Harry Smith. Also, I do not like the music, it is boring!

  • jp

    I am glad to see CBS is attempting to get more of the morning TV market as I am tired of GMA and Today with their watered down, family friendly, morning news where everyone is one overly happy family. I have followed Charlie Rose and his presence lands true credibility to your program.
    One note that you may want to take notice of: You broke for local news at 8:20 PDT while the other morning shows were continuing their broadcasts. Local news breaks become redundant after the first couple and I found myself quickly changing channels when you left for the local news. I am sure that is something you would like to avoid. Just a thought. Good luck.

  • Anna Cooper

    GMA here I come!

  • Anonymous

    To think they canned Maggie Rodregis and Harry Smith because they were too old and ended up with this. The gang they used between Maggie and Harry and this one was also bad. What are they (CBS) thinking???

  • Meryl Thomson

    As a member of the silent minority (intelligent and rational Americans), I thank you for bringing us Charlie Rose in the morning.

  • http://CBSThisMorning Ken Walter

    Loved the show. Can’t believe how fast two hours went. Will definitely be watching. Thank you for not cooking and doing fluffy where in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations!! Once again, you’ve attempted to fix what WASN’t broken. The best team you had was with Harry Smith & Co! Charlie Rose is flat and washed up. You certainly should know that good looks sell. CBS has hit an all-time klow!

  • Anonymous

    what is the vintage orange video camera on the “bookcase”? What are some of the other vintage props?