Gannett begins new graphics rollout


Gannett has started to roll out a new graphics package across its properties, including WTSP-TV in Tampa, Fla., shown here.

The new 16:9 graphics package uses a darker, more elegant feel that used 3D blocks as its main design element. During animations, the  virtual camera weaves its way between blocks as bursts of light sweep through as well.

The package uses a steel-blue color scheme and dark reflective surfaces as well.

Perhaps the biggest change is the new lower thirds. Lacking any graphic embellishments, the graphics continue the square shaped motif and also includes an integrated ticker and time and temp bug.

The new opens are impressive, if not slightly reminiscent of NBC’s election graphics the the original “Rock Center” package. The lower thirds could benefit from at least some subtle graphical treatment that connects them to the animated portions of the graphics package. It’s also a bit confusing what the three blocks just below the lower third are meant to be — either the rundown or a topical label for the ticker beneath.

Thanks to Jason Bowman for the tip via Twitter.

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  • This new graphics simplification is very much in line with the neuroscience theory of visual learning as well as short-term memory overload concept. Our foveal vision is very limited. Hold out your thumb at arm’s length… your thumb roughly approximates the acuity region of your vision. The surrounding “peripheral” vision is quite fuzzy and not sharp colors. Our eyes quickly scan the field of view and fills in the gaps, but the sharp informational region is very small.
    Look at the left side of the TV screen (or computer screen) and what words can you actually read on the right side of screen? Your eyes have to scan to the right so the foveal vision area is centered over the right side. Short-term memory can only take in a few elements at a time, register them and transfer them to long term memory (learning). Too many elements and very little, if any is remembered.
    (The old sage, multitasking is inefficient, is true.)

  • Benjamin

    whoever made all that work in one channel of deko is BRILLIANT.

  • Eric

    It be can be confirmed that WXIA is on a temporary news set… main news set is getting a makeover. The new look (set and graphics) will debut sometime in February.

  • D

    The only colors on the graphics correspond to the Gannett owned USA Today. The blue bar/tab is news. The red bar/tab is sports. The green bar/tab is money stories. The purple bar/tab is Life stories. TV has added yellow for weather and revisits red for breaking news.

  • Anonymous

    Just too busy and too confusing of a package!

  • Eric

    I seem to like this new Gannett graphics package. Hope that KUSA Denver could be next to get the graphics overhaul, followed by other Gannett-owned stations (from WXIA Atlanta, to WUSA DC, WKYC Cleveland, and WGRZ Buffalo, among others).

    As for the theme music on the Gannett stations… Hope that KARE Twin Cities will get to keep its “KARE 11 News Package” by Third Street Music… KUSA once again using “KUSA News Music Package” by Third Street… KXTV Sacramento going back to “KXTV News Package” by Gari… and WUSA going back to “CBS Enforcer” by Gari. I could picture WXIA with “L.A. Groove” by Groove Addicts or “NBC O&O Package” by 360.

    I could also picture KUSA, WXIA, WKYC, and WUSA getting news set makeovers sometime in 2013.