Gannett’s D.C. station unveils new logo

WUSA-TV, the Gannett owned CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C. has switched to a new logo along with the new Gannett graphics package.

Previous Logo

Previous Logo

The new look ditches the bold red circle surrounding the number “9” in favor of a more simple, typography based design. To the left, the station’s call sign is spelled out in an all lowercase text treatment, with only the “W” appearing in blue. A gray star, which matches the CBS eye placed to the far right of the logo, appears between the call letters and number.

The letters and number also received a slight “shine” effect.

Along with the logo change, the station also switched over to Gannett’s simpler graphic’s package.


KWTV-TV logo

Overall, the new logo is clean yet rather uninspired. Similar to KWTV-TV in Oklahoma City, which is also channel 9, WUSA-TV has opted to use a simple, almost “out of the box” rendition of the font, though KWTV-TV does take the added step of encasing its number in a rounded rectangle.

The practice of simply using a particular font’s letter almost with no modification is certainly a simpler approach, but it typically lacks the refinement and energy of a number that’s either custom drawn or modified to emphasize certain curves and serifs.

Great design is often about the details, and simply opening up Illustrator and typing a number seems to be a bit of an easy way out.

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  • Eric

    A lot of DC TV viewers don’t seem to be liking the new WUSA-TV logo too much… WUSA retiring the red circle 9 logo after 16 years. I could have pictured WUSA keeping the red cirle 9 logo… the CBS eye logo being added to the right of the 9NEWS. There are some DC viewers that would be open to seeing WUSA bringing back its popular “9 Eyewitness News” name.

    The new Gannett graphics and music don’t look and sound bad. WUSA still needs a new set.

    KUSA Denver kept its 9NEWS NBC peacock logo, with red, white, and blue line below the 9NEWS. WTSP Tampa Bay kept its circle 10 logo. I could picture KXTV Sacramento keeping its NEWS10 ABC logo… as well as WMAZ Macon keeping its 13WMAZ logo, with the heart between the 1 and 3. KSDK St. Louis kept its logo intact. Not sure if WXIA Atlanta is going to be giving its 19-year-old 11ALIVE NBC peacock logo a makeover.