February 7, 2013

Univision LA updates modern set

photo 1

Los Angeles Univision KMEX-TV refreshed its Sabca designed set this year.

The refresh introduced 3D graphics and new views of Los Angeles. Take a look in SetStudio

Other Univision sets have also been refreshed, including KDTV-TV.

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  • Eric

    Sabca did a nice job with KMEX L.A. and KDTV San Francisco.

    WUVG Atlanta began a full-time in-house news operation by launching of 6PM & 11PM newscasts in early 2011… previously aired news updates from 2002 until late 2010. I could see WUVG expanding its Spanish-language news presence, by including weekend 6PM & 11PM newscasts, as well as morning and midday news… hopefully WUVG getting a Sabca designed set.