Scottish set creates sprawling look with virtual set extensions

Scottish broadcaster STV has debuted a new studio design that utilizes virtual set extensions to create a layered and expansive look.

The set, designed by Toby Kalitowski of BK Design Projects, mixes sleek, glowing surfaces with large graphic panels.

The show’s home base features a round, internally lit coffee-table with wraparound elements that create a fresh and icy look.

Situated around this are purple chairs for talent and guests, while a low, internally lit wall wraps around the rear of the area. A wall mounted flat panel is also included in this area.

The remainder of the set features large set graphic panels that feature virtual set extensions from Lightwell.

These backgrounds depict a sprawling, ultra-modern space with a shiny, reflective ceiling, patterned floors, a variety of furnishings and floating glass panels in blues and violets. The virtual set backgrounds are capped with backlit headers and a glowing footer.

Opposite home base is a series of internally lit steps that frame a video wall that, instead of the virtual set extensions, is designed for branded and topical graphics.

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  • el an

    I watched the first programme with the new set and they actually fooled me with the first few shots. After they panned out and moved the camera after a while I caught on to their size trickery. I guess to them size does matter. A bit late to the party, MSNBC has had that look in their older studios for years.

    • michaelphill

      When done right, virtual set extensions can be quite convincing. Another interesting use of this technique was Bloomberg: They used LED walls with actual photography based on a the company’s real building.

  • Jonathan

    Looks like they are going a bit for the ITV-esque look. I like it!