Extreme makeover: KMOV-TV

It’s amazing what a bucket of paint, some fresh trim and a few plasmas can do to a set. Case in point: KMOV-TV. This week KMOV-TV, located in St. Louis, launched in HD. The station is second in St. Louis to broadcast in HD, behind Gannett NBC powerhouse KSDK-TV.

For the transition to HD, KMOV-TV updated its original set, designed by FX Group.

Former KMOV Set

The new set may look similar at first, but it represents a vast change for KMOV-TV. The new set features a modern desk, a newly updated weather center, and updated duras.

The new desk, complete with a plasma, matches the set better than the old desk. The new desk has styling cues from the rest of the set, including the dark woodtones, grays and blacks.

For a behind the scenes look at the new set construction click here.


For a guided tour of the new set click here.