Super Tuesday: Updates

Super Tuesday is upon us, and the TV News world is going crazy. Tonight Newscast Studio will be giving you a look behind the creative elements of the coverage.

Here’s some interesting stuff so far:

BBC News America – Broadcasting from Washington and London, providing hours of live coverage. They are using typically BBC style graphics, but for their set they have brought in American star and flag duratrans. They add a nice touch to the set, and fit in nicely with their style. As part of their team coverage, they have many flash cam positions set up in Washington, and one in London.

– CNN is using its normal format of using “named shows” such as “Lou Dobbs Tonight” till 7, then moving to fulltime election coverage. All broadcasts are coming from the CNN Election Center and in HD. It will be intersting to see if they have any tricks up their sleve. One of their key assets is their multitouch technology.

CNN HLN – Glenn Beck is live from New York bringing in election news. They have decided to add the CNN election tracker graphics, and use new Glenn Beck election graphics. Setwise, the set has some new truss features, and maybe an extra plama.

MSNBC – MSNBC has locations all over! From their main studios, to a few flash cam positions throughout 30 Rock, MSNBC has stepped up their game. Tonight, they rolled out new VizRT (we think) 3d graphics visualization software to bring statistics to the viewer. This software blows away anything else used by the other networks. Look for this 3d software to make its way into other shows soon. Also, MSNBC is using the Today Show studio, a new studio with some similar styling as the main MSNBC studio, and their normal flash cam positions.

FOX News – FOX is broadcasting from Unitel Studios, using the new FOX News Election Center. This studio will provide a great asset to the coverage, once it begins. FOX, like CNN, is using “named shows” till 7. Watch for more surprises from the new studio.

Stay tuned for more election news as the night moves on.