Less than a year after launching a new Web site for the cable network, CNN has unveiled, its citizen journalism site in beta status (what else?).

This new site allows users to submit reports of news they see. Content appears live immediately but can be flagged by users and removed by CNN.

One neat feature is that CNN adds a little “On CNN” label to any material that made it to CNN, proving that they do, in fact, use the content (and by the looks of it, a decent amount of it).

CNN has also added a section that allows you to get to know a little about the site’s top contributors. A smattering of Web 2.0 features such as tagging, rating and top 10 lists are also available.

It’s interesting that site design isn’t heavy with the CNN brand and doesn’t use the design.

The site does require a registration and has some advertising components, but most seem to be in-house promos for now. It will be interesting to see if the site attracts big name advertisers.

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