Simple but effective

Many stations have started airing locally-produced morning or afternoon lifestyle shows. The unique content and feel of these shows almost always necessitates a separate set from the main news set.

Often these types of shows utilize traditional living room set with airchairs, books and fake windows are used for this purpose.

Philadelphia’s NBC O&O WCAU-TV uses an interesting take on the living room set, using a windowed room that overlooks the street outside the station. Rather than using the “Today” show style windows, however, the crowd is placed indoors.

To help add visual interest to the windows, tension fabric with color-changing lights give the set a modern and fresh feel while still allowing outdoor elements to show through. The set also has several pieces of sleek trusswork and large plexi panels that, presumably, can be rearranged for different uses — whether it be an in-studio musical performance, cooking demonstration or interview.

Other than these simple scenic elements, the show uses a few furniture pieces that can also be moved and utilized for different uses.

Overall, it’s an effective and cost-effective way to create a lifestyle show set.




Photos courtesy WCAU-TV