CNN scrambles

After last nights F2 tornado, CNN has had to scramble to stay on the air.

Last night, shortly after the tornado, CNN began airing the CNNI feed live from Atlanta, reporting live about the tornado. They sent a reporter outside the CNN Center to cover the event.

Today, CNN was thrown another curve ball, as they have had to cease CNN broadcasts from the Newsroom and Weather Center. Both are currently offline, as CNN’s Frederica Whitfield uses the CNN International set to bring the news to the viewers. CNN is currently using an odd combination, of CNNI set, CNN talent, CNN Newsroom background on the RP, and CNNI graphics.

Hopefully CNN takes note from how today has worked, and realizes the CNNI set is a nice set, and maybe it should be used more often. The RP really comes in handy, and in an event like this, CNN has a nice backup location.

Hopefully tonight, when CNN Newsroom returns, CNN will be back in Atlanta, but only time will tell.



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