Changes now live

As with any Web site, NewscastStudio is always evolving to respond to the needs of its users.

That said, you’ll notice a few changes:

  • We’ve closed the forum. Our research and your feedback has shown that this wasn’t the kind of community you’re looking for. But don’t worry; we’re not killing the interactive nature of the site — see the next point for details.
  • We’ve added commenting to the blog. To offset losing the forum’s interactivity, you’re now able to respond directly to our blog with your own comments. This doesn’t require any registration so sharing your opinion will be easy and fast. Commenting is now active on select past posts and will be live for most, if not all, posts from now on. Please note that comments do require approval before appearing on the site.
  • We’ve tweaked some other elements of the blog. You’ll notice some minor design changes to the blog. In addition, we upgraded our blogging software for better performance and security.



Site Updates