Devlin applies innovative designs to stations, museum

nabpreviewicon.jpg Known for its innovative used of colors and textures, Devlin Design Group has created unique new looks.

At WFMZ-TV in Allentown, Pa., Devlin’s sprawling two-story set gives this station the big-market look it needs to compete with the overlapping competition from nearby Philadelphia stations. Bolstered with rear projection screens, changeable duratrans and plasma screens, the set also includes a working second floor that houses the weather and traffic centers. Warm, bold colors and backgrounds give this set a fresh look that stands out.
Also in the affiliate market, KYTV-TV in Springfield, Mo. hired Devlin to design its bold news set. Rich woods and bright blue accents create a modern yet traditional environment accented with unique structural elements in the wood finishes. Two stepped backgrounds on either side of the anchor desk draw focus to the duratran that combines the set’s rich colors with meticulous graphics to create a great sense of depth, while multiple large-format screens add flexibility to the set.

A working weather center includes frosted plexiglass elements for a soft, layered look and clearly defined work and presentation areas crowned with an eye-catching red header and printed graphic above.

The set adds even more flexibility by combining the sports and interview areas. A few simple scenic changes allow the station to quickly transition the set. “The versatility of our set allowed us to change from its standard setup for the evening newscast to a completely different look for our November 2006 locally televised debate between two U.S. Senate candidates from Missouri, all within a matter of minutes,” said Paula Dowler, KYTV-TV’s news operations manager.

Devlin also had the honor of creating news sets for the Newseum. Located along the national mall in Washington, D.C., this interactive museum of the news includes several television studios that allow visitors to experience the fast-paced world of television news production.