615 is ‘Moving Forward’

As first reported on NewscastStudio during our NAB 2008 coverage, WFOR in Miami has unveiled a new 615 Music produced package.

The new package features 8 themes and up to 100 cuts. The package is centered around a distinctive guitar riff. The riff is heard in all the main themes with many variations. 615 Music describes this package as an “energetic package with a distinctive Sonic Brand.” It is also interesting to see them use the words Sonic Brand…

The theme works well for Miami and will set a new tone for WFOR’s newscasts. This package is a new direction for 615 Music.

WFOR also debuted a new image campaign titled “The Best Things About Home.” 615 Music’s Randy Wachtler told NewscastStudio during NAB 2008 this image campaign was created using a production track that was reproduced to meet WFOR’s needs.

To listen to both the new theme and image campaign visit: http://615music.com/core/news_music_demos.cfm