After weeks of updating, painting, installing and preparing, WHDH-TV is now HD.

For the HD transition, WHDH-TV has remodeled their newsplex and updated it to include a new rear projection screen, many monitors and some new backlit elements.

Along with a updated newsplex, WHDH-TV also has new graphics. Click Read  More for more pictures including a before and after.

Too bad many major news networks can’t even look this good. WHDH-TV does a good job of combining over the top with information you need to know. This combination allows the channel to have a distinct look and feel while getting the important information to the viewer.

The new HD open takes you through the NBC peacock and flies through downtown Boston turning into a circle seven. The open is just long enough and works well.

The set also looks great in HD. The updates have added new life into the WHDH-TV newsplex. Behind the anchor new plasmas replace dated TV’s. Upstairs, a new monster rear projection allows for interesting shots and graphic positions.

Since WHDH-TV has a flair for over-the-top teases and opens this set will easily play a key role in upcoming broadcasts.


For more old WHDH-TV pics visit the SetStudio page here.



Overall, WHDH-TV’s HD upgrade is well worth the time and effort. The new newsplex and graphics combine to make WHDH-TV a great leader in television.