KHQ-TV launches HD in time for the Olympics


KHQ-TV, the NBC affiliate based in Spokane, Wash., has launched in HD for the start of the 2008 Olympics.

The stations new HD graphics complement the launch with bold reds and grays.The graphics use red well and do not use it harshly like some newscasts. Overall the red is not overkill but instead sets a tone for the entire newscast.

Along with the updated graphics, KHQ-TV also debuted a new set. For the refresh, KHQ-TV added more red elements and redid certain areas that would be seen in the HD wings.


One area of the set that is potentially problematic, however, is the red RP background behind the main anchors. The reds found here may be a bit too much for some viewers.



During weather KHQ-TV leaves the Weather Plus style L-Bar up allowing local residents to see weather for all areas, leaving the live video portion of the screen in 4:3.

The updated set combined with the new graphics work well for KHQ-TV as the station continues its journey into HD.


NewscastStudio will have more shots of KHQ-TV in the coming days, so stay tuned!