Convention coverage on TV and Online Part 2

As the convention rolls on, more and more networks are showing their full hands.

MSNBC has a secondary desk upstairs of their platform for Keith and Chris. NBC News also has new graphics for tonight’s convention coverage, unfortunately they are not as good as their previous graphics and do not match any other NBC election graphics.

FOX News is continuing to broadcast from their Strategy Room. The online only program is very laid back with guests just coming and going. These elements make it very informal but a good touch.

CBS News is also streaming duel feeds online, one of the convention and one of the convention with anchors. Tonight, CBS News has also rolled out some new graphics to go along with the convention.

ABC News continues with their election look and has some updated opens.

The networks continue to bring around the clock coverage of the conventions with new looks and new locations. Tonight, NBC and MSNBC has floor reporters roving the convention floor. Ann Currey and others are searching the floors for stories and special guests.

All of these elements make the conventions feel more like a major sporting events with many cameras, crews, graphics and much more covering every moment of the event.  And when Barack Obama speaks it will be more like a sporting events with the cable cam high above.

With this much effort and money put into covering just the conventions, one can only wonder what election night will look like with Democracy Plaza in HD.