Additional election night set, graphics details released

  • ABC News is debuting digital maps that will allow on-air talent to pull up real-time and historical data. ABC is also planning a double-tiered ticker as well as a left-hand pillarbox displaying more data.
  • CBS News will utilize touch-screen technology as well, though it’s not clear to what extent this will be used. CBS has used touchscreens in the past, but has never used technology to the extent of the other networks. For quite some time, the maps were displayed on a monitor built-in to the desk and shot from an overhead camera. The anchor would then be able to point to various states and data, but little else.
  • Fox is debuting not one, but three new HD studios election night; a project that’s been two years in the works. The studios will be equipped with a giant touch-screen wall to provide results.
  • NBC has apparently found a new way to display data that doesn’t rely on pie charts, but isn’t saying how. The network will apparently utilize this in its virtual studio and will also make use of real HD monitors as well. NBC and MSNBC have been using a Surface touch screen table for coverage, but there’s no word if it will be put to use on election night.