SNL’s ‘Countdown’ parody matches real-life on air look

“Countdown with Keith Olbermann” with spoofed on the latest edition of “Saturday Night Live” and, as is typically, the folks at SNL’s set and graphics departments did a pretty good job matching the real-life look and feel of the show it’s poking fun at.

The real-life Olbermann apparently was privy to the dress rehearsal of the skit, which starred Ben Affleck doing a pretty darn good impersonation of Olbermann.

The skit opened with a modified version of the “Countdown” open, featuring Affleck-as-Olbermann where usually Olbermann’s mug shot is featured:

The skit remain faithful to the “Countdown” graphical branding through the use of full screen graphics:

And interview split screen double-boxes (when “Olbermann” was joined by Newsweek’s “John Wolffe”; a regular contributor to “Countdown”).


Though the skit was a bit off on the “Special Comment” graphic — opting for the standard L3…

…instead of the real “Special Comment” bug, which is similar to the one shown here:

A full-screen photo was also displayed using a teaser/bump graphic frame instead: