New look for NewscastStudio coming soon

Sometime within the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a new look for NewscastStudio.

We’ve shifted our color palette to darker shades of red and gray for a more elegant look. We’re also dumping Trebuchet as the default font and switching to the more user-friendly Arial.

A big change is also coming behind the scenes, however. We’ve been working with a Web programmer to build a custom content management system for the site that will dynamically generate all the pages. Right now, each and every page on NewscastStudio exists as a physical HTML file. That was OK when the site was smaller, but we’re up to over 250 pages in the SetStudio part of the site alone so maintaining that many files is a bit of a pain.

This new system will also further improve our ability to post photos and comments quickly by allowing multiple-editor functionality. Right now we’re limited to having one person actually create and manipulate files, which can be a bit of a bottleneck.

We don’t have a firm schedule as of yet since we’re still working some bugs out in the code and design, but we hope it will be sooner rather than later. We’ll post a notice here when the date becomes closer and more firm so you’ll be prepared.