Fox Business Network prepares for new Studio G

We interupt our NewscastStudio @ NAB coverage to bring you some Fox Business news. Soon, Fox Business Network will launch Studio G.

Video Tour: Fox Business Network’s Studio G from Broadcasting & Cable

Fox Business Network will give viewers a brighter look at the world—or at least Midtown Manhattan—starting April 20, when it begins broadcasting from a new high-tech studio on the east side of the News Corp. building with expansive views of New York City action to the north and east.

The multi-million-dollar Studio G facility, which is supported by a new high-definition control room, was built on the former roof of a two-story outcropping on the east side of the News Corp. building at 1211 Avenue of the Americas. The studio space, which has seven windows that look out on the street, now reaches up to the fifth floor of the building. The new roof has been set up for live outdoor shots in warm weather with paving stones, a broadcast service panel and wireless-mike connectivity back to the studio.

The studio itself, which launches with the 7 a.m. ET broadcast of Money for Breakfast, is designed to provide a variety of set looks. Three main moving floor parts rotate and pivot into different configurations, and a movable staircase connects to a standup location above the studio. The 3,500-square-foot space is also outfitted with a variety of hi-def displays to show real-time graphics and video.

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