CBS Evening News to roll out new graphic and website

As previously mentioned on our blog and via TVNewser, CBS Evening News will roll out a new graphics package and updated website today, May 18.

Peterson, CBS News’ executive creative director, and his team came up with the graphic design and concept entirely in house in the span of approximately six months. The “convergence of different designs,” as Peterson put it, features a logo with three interlocking globes, moving images in the OTS box and a bolder blue and red color scheme.

But there’s also a notable Web feel. There are headers for each image (see after the jump), and what appears to be drop-down tabs and boxes that would close a window.

At the center of the new look, anchor and managing editor Katie Couric, who will mark three years with CBS in September. McManus praised Couric’s versatility — on TV, the Web and more, when “put together, results in a pretty good plan to get her exposed on as many different platforms as possible,” says McManus. “And also to give her a chance to exhibit what makes Katie Couric different, which is not so much the way she reads the news, but it’s the way she reacts to things, the way she interviews people. She’s got a very broad array of talents, and a lot of them can’t be seen between 6:30 and 7:00 every night.”

More pictures after the jump. We will have many more pictures after the debut.