Missouri station debuts new graphics


KQTV-TV, the ABC affiliate serving St. Joseph, Mo., has debuted a new look designed by news branding company Fifteenhundred as part of the firm’s new animated graphics service.

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The new graphics feature a bold combination of blues, reds and yellows with high-tech animation and 3-D elements that combine a traditional color palette with modern, active design elements.

The new graphics are already a hit with viewers.

“We received positive feedback from our viewers in the very first half hour we debuted,” said Bridget Blevins, KQTV news director and lead anchor.

The unveiling of KQTV’s new look is the first project to fall under Fifteenhundred’s graphics service. Fifteenhundred offers a suite of branding services, including set design, motion graphics and training for TV news.


Fifteenhundred has taken an innovative approach to news graphics animation by offering pre-configured packages with affordable, upfront pricing.

“We’ve created these packages to meet the needs of stations large and small from both a production and pricing standpoint,” said Fifteenhundred partner Michael P. Hill.

While other firms have been offering alternative pricing in recent month, Fifteenhundred ensures its customers know upfront what they are getting and at what cost, rather than being lured in by a great price tag only to find the graphics are not adequate to meet their needs.

Featuring both syndicated and completely custom design, these graphics packages are a great opportunity for stations to get a new look during tough economic times. “New graphics are a great way to revamp a newscasts’ look when a new set isn’t an option,” Hill said.

KQTV-TV, meanwhile, is thrilled with Fifteenhundred’s  design services and customer service.

“Throughout the process, your graphic designers easily met our requested deadlines, providing quality graphics for our newscasts. We appreciate being kept in the loop every step of the way,” said Blevins, adding that the new graphics give the station a big-market look that’s on par with nearby Kansas City, Mo.

To view a collection of images from the package, click here.