Stephen Arnold Music strikes a similar chord with iNews

Stephen Arnold has unveiled their latest news music package, iNews. The package first debuted on KIAH-TV, the CW affiliate in Houston.

A direct expression of the soundtrack that accompanies your viewers lives, this unique package takes current music trends and fuses them with your newscast, as relevant to today as the stories in your headlines.

iNews is built around an unyielding sonic brand that speaks the timeless language of news but in todays vernacular. It uses rhythms that you hear in your car speakers as you drive to work and grooves you hear in your headphones when you listen to your playlists.

iNews is what your audience is listening to – on air, online, on demand.

Continue reading for our take and some of Stephen Arnold’s other recent work.

Unfortunately, the package blends in with some other recent Stephen Arnold Music works and doesn’t feel original. Overall, the package feels like Indie Band News, minus the heavier guitar. Some cuts from the sample above do seem to have a sonic brand, but many of the opens don’t have a real signature sound. The sports tracks seem the most thought out of the package…

It’s interesting that this package lacks some originality as Arnold has hit a stride of producing many good custom projects recently.