‘Nightly’ switches pre-show tease background


We noticed “NBC Nightly News” has been using a different background for its pre-show teases.

“Nightly” had been using the newsroom background for these teases but has changed to shooting in front of the printed graphic background that sits off to one side of the studio.

This background was used occasionally in the past for closings and other segments, but not on a very consistent basis. It’s also made appearances on the show’s weekend editions when the show is produced from one of NBC’s “news nooks.”

The background combines a timeline-style layout of NBC logos against a blue background that incorporates some of the square elements from the show’s graphics package. The look works well because it appears to provide to layers of depth since there seems to be a frame or window in front of the background. Having the background slightly out of focus also works well and keeps the logos, some of which are quite bold, from overpowering the shot.