615 Music updates site with new news music for WSFL-TV and KTLA-TV

screen-shot-2010-02-04-at-105354-pm615 Music has updated its site with some recent work including a package created for WSFL-TV and KTLA-TV.

The package for WSFL-TV, which debuted a few weeks ago, features an upbeat pace and light acoustics. The package is used for WSFL-TV’s morning show “The Morning Show” and is named “First Report.” The package works well for a morning show setting and lacks the usual full orchestral, sweeping, urgent tempos found in 615’s regular news music.

KTLA-TV’s package, named “Connect,” features a unique sonic brand that helps create a multi-note theme for the entire package. The package contains 11 main themes and over 565 mix outs and cuts. This package is more well rounded and features various cues you would expect from a full news music package with a more urgent pace and tone.

It’s interesting to note that both packages have a disclaimer in the descriptions that “This package is not available for licensing.” Is 615 Music doing more custom work that is on an exclusive basis or did these clients just want a different license?