CNBC debuts new ‘modern’ graphics in the US and Europe


CNBC and CNBC Europe today launched new graphics with a cleaner, more modern, look.

The graphics replaced most elements of the previous package including the ticker, stock market bar, l3, slates, etc. Also, some shows had new intros with  updated fonts and a peacock symbol as the dominant element.

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Breaking News Open:





Overall, the new package is a good improvement over the past graphics, but the stock market box seems almost too big. Also, all of the graphics seem very large when you compare them to the size of space they actual take up on air, since CNBC chops off the top and bottom for tickers.

The package uses many reflections and “wet floor” effects to help give it a modern feel. The CNBC bug has also been changed and now cycles through various icons of where you can watch CNBC including online, on your phone and on TV.

General Show Graphics:




The new look works for CNBC and shares some of the same modern elements that MSNBC has. The roll out will continue through today and then the tweaking will begin.