CTV debuts ‘Olympic legacy’ set

After two weeks of moving, construction and reassembling, CTV British Columbia, CIVT-TV, has debuted its “Olympic legacy” set.

The set may look a bit familiar. After the completion of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, CTV moved its Olympic set, designed by Jack Morton/PDG, to its main fourth-floor studios to become CTV British Columbia’s main news set.

The set has been tweaked to fit into the studios and has some new elements, including an assignment desk and large weather area.

Completing a makeover of this magnitude in just 18 days was a monumental effort by all involved, but now it’s finished.

Now the set is ready, with many cutting edge innovations, like polarizing filters on the windows, so we can finally make use of the spectacular view outside our studio windows.


View more pictures in SetStudio. To learn more about the project, visit the CTV site.