Accuweather expands tropical and hurricane info

nab2010bugAccuWeather has announced expanded data and integrated forecast tools for its CinemaLive HD graphics system, including a comprehensive set of tropical data.

“Tropical storms and hurricanes are both a forecasting challenge for the locations affected and a nationwide news opportunity. We’ve architected the new data set to address both requirements,” stated Ryan Ayres, executive director of TV products and operations, in a statement.

“The new feed has readyto- air graphics and data to support in-depth hurricane news segments. And we have worked extensively with chief meteorologists in hurricane-prone areas to meet their needs for an exhaustive body of accurate data that could also be quickly and easily referenced and incorporated into their weather forecasts and broadcast segments.”

CinemaLive HD is the only graphics display system to deliver near real-time data from the National Hurricane Center and NOAA “Hurricane Hunter” aircraft reconnaissance missions. All data is reviewed by AccuWeather’s proprietary algorithms to ensure its quality and integrity.

Some of the data included:

Current Position Information

  • Advisory Date/Time
  • Latitude/Longitude/Position Accuracy
  • 3. Cyclone Movement Speed & Direction
  • Minimum Pressure
  • Eye Diameter
  • Maximum Sustained Winds and Wind Gusts
  • Wind/Sea Radii
  • NHC Position Reference from Advisory

National Hurricane Center Forecast Tracks

  • Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecast Center (ATCF) Models (over 50 models)
  • Forecast Valid Date/Time
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Maximum Sustained Winds
  • Maximum Wind Gust
  • Wind Radii

Exclusive forecasts from the AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Forecast Center

  • Risk to Life and Property
  • Maximum Wind Gusts
  • Rainfall Amount
  • Storm Surge
  • Watch and Warning Area
  • Accu-Trac Eyepath Forecast

NOAA/U.S. Air Force Hurricane Hunter Reconnaissance Data High Density Observations

  • Altitude
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Temperature
  • D-Value
  • Dew Point
  • Max Wind Speed