New Haven station rebrands, refreshes


WTNH-TV, the LIN-owned ABC affiliate in New Haven, Conn., has dropped its longtime “NewsChannel 8” branding to become simply “News 8.” Another image and more details after the jump.

The new logo uses a bold red and rather plain looking Helvetica-style typeface and, overall, is rather uninspired.

Changes to the FX Group-designed set include mostly duratran changes. At the anchor desk, the camera center rear projection screen is flanked by cityscape duras with glass-like “8”s on either side, an design that seems a bit distracting.

The weather center also has new duratrans, shown below.


Thank to weatherman Geoff Fox for the weather center photo.

The new backgrounds use reds and golds as a dominant element, a big shift from the station’s previous mostly blue look, shown in the video clip below:


These graphics were designed by Renderon and contained the company’s trademark 3-D and reflection effects. The new look, however, is much more reserved and doesn’t pack nearly the punch.

Overall, it’s an interesting change that may or may not be a good move.