CNNMoney launches new site, includes slick Tablet View option

CNNMoney has launched a new web design, mirroring the design hallmarks of the current CNN site.

Along with a slick and decluttered design, the site uses large imagery paired with an area for stock quotes on the homepage.

Video is another key component of the new site, along with social media sharing. Now, articles have popular sharing options that scroll with the news stories.

The site design is rounded out with slick drop down menus that display not just links but stories and photos.

Whether visiting on your desktop computer or iPad, the site also has a special layout, called Tablet View.

The Tablet View displays content in boxes, similar to Newser, so you can quickly see the main money headlines in a glance. The Tablet View works great on the iPad (shown below), it seems almost perfectly sized for the screen. It also works well on a laptop when you want to skim the headlines.


We only wish would add this feature, as sometimes the CNN app seems limited on the iPad.