CBS anchor’s newsroom view returned

The New York Times has a short blog post marking the sixth month anniversary of Scott Pelley taking over the anchor chair on the “CBS Evening News.”

In the post, correspondent Brian Stelter notes a small but significant change to the newsroom’s look and feel, and one not readily apparent to viewers — the windows from the anchor’s office that overlook the newsroom have been opened up again.

During Couric’s time as anchor, from 2006 to earlier this year, the windows had been covered up, creating both a visual and metaphorical divide between her and the rest of the “Evening News” team.

Her predecessor, Dan Rather, had the windows opened during his tenure as anchor.

Since Rather, the newsroom and adjacent was redesigned in when Couric came on board (though the layout remained very similar) and received a few tweaks during her time at the anchor desk. Pelley  has continued to report from the same set, but the newsroom’s main background was switched out in favor of a world map reminiscent of one used on the set used by Walter Cronkite.

During the visit, Pelley also informed Stelter of his desire to add a grill to the small outdoor balcony outside the office.