San Francisco station dumps interactive show

It hasn’t been a good few weeks for interactive news.

First Missouri NBC affiliate KOMU-TV “transitioned” its interactive newscast “U_News” to a traditional newscast and now comes word that San Francisco ABC affiliate KGO-TV is “transitioning” its interactive news and talk show, “7 Live,” to cancellation.

The show aired at 3 p.m. against syndicated talk shows and court programming, making it difficult to attract an audience, writes blog Six Times an Hour.

The show has been airing since September 2010, debuting a year before KOMU-TV’s effort, and will have its last edition April 27.

KGO-TV had hoped to draw on its viewing area’s tech-savvy audience to fuel the interactive component, but it was never able to gain traction in that arena.

KGO-TV had planned to move “7 Live” to 2 p.m. to free up the 3 p.m. slot for Katie Couric’s new show.