We want to see this on a news set: Sharp unveils 90-inch TV

Sharp has unveiled what it claims is the largest TV on the planet — a 90-inch LED screen. Yes, that’s right, 90 inches.

The TV is nearly four feet tall and spans more than six and a half feet wide. Despite those impressive dimensions, the unit is only about 5 inches deep.

On top of that, the television’s low energy LED technology means it uses less power than two 75-watt light bulbs.

The price tag on the television is $10,999, which seems quite reasonable considering the size. It also puts it in a category to be a viable contender for on-set use in place of rear projection or LCD cube arrays. The relatively slim profile also provides interesting possibilities.

Huge LCD screens have been used on sets in the past, including WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh and WNBC-TV in New York, but their weight, bulk and price tags provided challenges.

According to some quick research, there have been larger televisions made before, including 102-inch models, but these all appear to have been discontinued.


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