‘This is the Place’ news music package from Stephen Arnold Music unveiled

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With a driving guitar beat and punchy strings, Stephen Arnold Music took the wraps off its newest news music package, “This is the Place.”

Featuring 12 themes and over 1,000 cuts, the package comes fully loaded for news, weather, sports, topicals and promos, with future expansion possible.

The package is based on the same four note sonic brand heard in the image song, which debuted last month.

“We created the news music package which captures the essence and energy of the image song but in a news branding musical environment,” said Chad Cook, VP of Creative Services at Stephen Arnold Music.

To achieve the sound, the package uses top music players and stays away from “programmed” music, instead opting to use real instruments with a heavy guitar groove.

“We wanted the music in the news package to feel connective, modern, fresh, catchy and authentic like the instruments used in the image song. I was very pleased that we were able to create such a ‘big,’ compelling and energetic sound without relying on traditional instruments typically used in news music – brass and horns.”

The package and image song are available for licensing now, with two stations already adopting the image song.