NBC South Florida debuts new set, graphics, brand

WTVJ-TV, the NBC O&O licensed in Miami, unveiled its new brand, set, graphics and music today during the 5 p.m. newscast.

The Clickspring designed and blackwalnut built set is a sleek new home for the station’s newscasts. New NBC Look F graphics also debuted from NBC Artworks.

Continue reading for detailed analysis of the NBC 6.


The set’s overall look and feel has a modern, airy look that, in many ways, draws inspiration from the designs at WNBC-TV and WMAQ-TV, but with a decidedly Miami look that conveys a high energy and chic attitude.

“The overall design elements are consistent with other local NBC stations’ recent renovations (Chicago, New York, Bay Area) to  reflect the NBC franchise in a unified and distinctive look, differentiating NBC in the competitive landscape,” said Robin Jacobs of Clickspring Design.

Key differences between WTVJ-TV’s studio, however, include less metal embellishments and an overall cleaner design. In addition, floating ceiling panels and large swaths of backlit wall are prominently featured, elements also found on CNN’ Studio 7 in Atlanta.


The set was installed in the same space as the old set, an open studio adjacent to the newsroom.

The newsroom view is now mostly blocked by the weather center, which includes a large, backlit anchor desk adorned with a single LCD. Backing this area is a 16-screen flat panel array frame by two clean, modern columns.

The weather center also makes use of a strip of flat panel monitors and also overlooks some of the newsroom.

The main anchor area, meanwhile, is backed by a wide flat panel array with modern white and backlit structural elements surrounding it. Situated in front of this is somewhat small anchor desk.

To the right of the set sits an additional anchor with color changing walls and a wood strip that alternates between flat panel screens and simple cutouts. A standup pod in this area is backed by a large flat screen monitor.

Directly opposite this is an additional reporting area with two large screens as well as an interview set. The wood strip continues in this area and this area boats numerous bold angular panels mounted from the ceiling.

In addition, the set includes two mobile units built with an open framework and a screen.

Throughout the set, in addition to the large, angled ceiling elements, bent fixtures and long wood framed elements also add visual interest.

Previous set

Overall, this is a substantial upgrade for WTVJ-TV. The station’s previous set was built in the early 2000s. The PDG-designed set echoed the design of many other NBC sets at the time, including that of “Dateline NBC.”

The set included a matching newsroom, which was used as an alternate background for the station’s newscast.


The set had been modified several times since its debut, mainly with duratran switchouts.


With the new brand, WTVJ-TV also changed domains, moving from nbc6.net to nbc6.com.

SFLTV reports that WTVJ-TV purchased the domain from WCNC-TV, the Belo-owned Charlotte NBC affiliate. The website is now branded as NBC South Florida, instead of the previous NBC Miami.


The graphics also reflect the change to NBC 6, removing the text heavy emphasis on Miami from the open. Now, the word Miami is not used once during the open or on any graphics.

Instead, it’s NBC 6, everywhere. Literally.

These graphics are nothing new, they are the new NBC standard.


The station also rolled out a custom music theme.

The theme, using a techno base for bumps, is full of energy and a driving beat.

Overall, this total rebrand is a big overhaul for WTVJ-TV, and it all works. The set looks and shoots great, even if the station lacks a jib camera. The graphics are polished, as they’ve been used at other stations. The music drives the beat, and the new online brand is a smart move.