NBC Olympics set incorporates regal scenic elements

Although the ever-present ceiling mounted, circular projection element remains, the 2012 London Olympics set for NBC does add some interesting new design elements that draw influence from the host country.

In addition to that, the faux windows that utilize rear projection screens to showcase a cityscape are a longtime mainstay of NBC Olympics sets as well.

The set also features two huge flat panel screens, one at the anchor desk and one in an alternate reporting area.

For the London games, however, NBC opted to bring in some regal looking scenic elements as well.

On either side of the rather generic main anchor area, the set walls suddenly become something out of a English manor house, with wood paneling and faux plaster.


The set also includes traditional furniture and accessories to complete the look.

An alternate interview set is situated in front of floor to ceiling French doors in front of a London skyline backdrop. Dramatic uplighting on the windows give this wall the feel of being on the second floor of a historic London building that has its facade illuminated at night.