Dallas station creates edgy investigative promo

NBC O&O KXAS-TV has been heavily promoting its investigative team with a new promo.

Besides the requisite shots of stern looking reporters and videographers walking down the street on the way to an important story (perfectly lit, of course), the promo also makes use of 3D letters that are composited so they appear to be “sitting” on parking garages and streets.

The 3D effect is very well done and, especially in one shot where the camera drives by the word “Safety” that appears to be hanging out on the side of a gritty street. The effect is a bit less realistic, however, in the promo’s closing shot.

The promo also makes use of split screens somewhat reminiscent of Fox’s drama “24” as well as some skillful editing that matches the tempo of the music.

HT Uncle Barky.


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