Milwaukee newspaper compares market’s set design

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an interesting read on the new set at the city’s station WTMJ-TV.

The article briefly compares the market’s four major news sets, including pointing out the abundance of blue tones and cityscapes on all of them, while also mentioning the unique elements found on each.

WTMJ-TV anchor Courtny Gerrish is quoted in the piece as comparing the new set to being on a spaceship.

Meanwhile, the set offended one viewer so much that he left a message on Duane Dudek, a columnist for the Journal Sentinel (who shares a parent company with WTMJ-TV), saying: “It’s a screaming disaster. It’s as ugly as any modern designer or architect could create.”

Steve Wexler, the company’s vice president of radio and television operations, adds that the station is still experimenting with the new set. “You’re not seeing everything yet. It’s like when you get a new car. You don’t want to press every button. There are few buttons we haven’t pressed yet,” said Wexler.

Wexler also praises the set’s dynamic qualities.

The set “can change based on whatever’s happening, the news of the day or the weather,” he said in an email. “It’s very video-driven. We can make it look like almost anything” with virtual assistance, he said.




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