Devlin Design Group And Brightline Team Up At NAB 2013

For the last five years, Devlin Design Group and Brightline have successfully combined their expertise, bringing together contemporary scenic design and innovative, energy- efficient lighting to produce a series of landmark broadcast installations. No other approach to date has delivered the same level of client success in a turn-key scenic solution.

To complement and enhance the hot new look of electronic set trends in their scenic designs, DDG is using Brightline BL.16 LED fixtures with daylight-equivalent 5600 degree Kelvin LED cartridges for their projects, including their latest installations at WKEF, WICS, WZTV and KPAX.

With a round set approach, as DDG developed for WTMJ, Milwaukee, there are wide and high walk-through set areas with electronic display backgrounds. Many of DDG’s sets now feature large monitor walls, which require special attention to lighting design. DDG’s sets are also enriched in their video result through the 5600 degree Kelvin lighting, provided by Brightline. The recommended combination of lighting is to blend high color rendering daylight fluorescent Brightlines for fill and modeling, while utilizing Brightline BL.16 LED fixtures with daylight cartridges for spotlights that serve as the news anchors’ key and back light.

DDG’s extensive use of LED color-mixing results in a rich scenic look.  Some sets require over 150 channels of lighting control, with 30 to 40 of the channels of LED lighting being utilized for set color-changing.  The resulting matrix of color produces vibrant and customizable backgrounds for on-air production.

DDG has earned an unparalleled 27 year track record in the broadcast industry by providing its clients with the right tools for visual storytelling in bold and exciting new ways. From expansive video walls and large touch screens, to intimate user friendly contemporary settings, DDG creates dynamic, trendsetting environments that capture the viewer’s attention and imagination.

Brightline has dedicated the last fifteen years to bringing high-performance, energy-efficient lighting systems to the global Broadcast and Videoconferencing markets. By providing extremely high quality, cost effective, and environmentally responsible lighting solutions, Brightline helps its customers maximize the efficiencies of diverse technologies and thus realize the full potential of their own visual communications endeavors.

Explore the latest in scenic innovations and lighting at NAB 2013 by visiting Booth #C3144 at the LVCC, April 8th through the 11th. Meet one-on-one with team members of DDG and Brightline to discuss your upcoming scenic projects.

Private meetings are also available by appointment in the companies’ Renaissance Hotel Suite; please call 1.970.710.9015 to schedule a day & time.


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