Giant high pressure icon takes over Al Roker’s forecast

Boy, weathermen have been put under a lot of pressure lately. First, a Colorado Springs forecaster was forced to pantomime his forecast — and now poor Al Roker almost gets swallowed up by a high pressure front.

Roker had just started his weather segment on “Today” and had walked over to his touchscreen monitor from the anchor desk.

“We basically have that big area of high pressure…” began Roker, as he tried to “draw” a high pressure icon over a national map on the on set screen.

Instead, a giant blue circle with an “H” in the middle took over almost the entire screen.

“Whoa! That is a big area of high pressure!” he joked as offscreen chuckling can be heard and the steadicam operator acutely moved in for a closer look.

Roker reset the map and tried again, this time getting a more more reasonably sized high pressure icon on his screen.

“I kind of liked it before … grrrrrrrrr” he said.