‘This American Life’ looks into the ‘Hello’ campaign

There’s a feeling in the air, that you can’t get anywhere… except in Calgary.

Well, most people know the first part, the opening line of the “Hello” image campaign by Frank Gari of Gari Media Group.

It inspired pride and camaraderie in Calgary, Canada. So much so, that “This American Life” host Ira Glass looked into the campaign.

The song served as the anthem for the city and gave it hope versus its archrival Edmonton.

But, the residents didn’t understand the song is actually syndicated, appearing across the country in 167  cities worldwide. Life-long Calgary resident Ken Kima-Cuelho was shocked when Glass explained this and played clips from other “Hello” markets.

“Hello” was created for WISN-TV in Milwaukee in 1976, quickly spreading across the country.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an interested article about its history and creation, noting it was designed to help “rescue the station from low ratings and an an even lower image.”

What came about was a simple “love song,” one that would go on and on and on, because it makes no difference where I go, you’re the best hometown I know.

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