Target channels news sets, graphics for ’10 day deal forecast’ ad

Retailer Target is out with a new ad that geniously mimics a news broadcast — with Barbie’s pal Ken at the anchor desk.

The spot opens with rousing holiday music restyled as a news music signature and a wide shot of the “news set.”

That set includes a scrolling ticker header with Target’s “Expect More. Pay Less.” slogan as well as a winterscape dura flanked by two large screens sporting the Target logo.


A talking gingerbread man gives viewers the “10 day deal forecast” from in front of a red and blue graphic framed by candy cane patterns and accented with light bursts similar to ones found in news graphics packages.


We then see shots of Ken at the anchor desk (with a snowy pine tree behind him) and “field updates” that include news-style lower thirds that use angled rectangles — another nod to the design trends in TV news.



The anchor desk, meanwhile, features a circular design topped with white and accented with the bullseye logo around the perimeter in a sort of icing style texture.

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