Bloomberg convention coverage lit with Zylight LEDs

Bloomberg’s coverage of the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention will feature LED lighting from Zylight’s Aladdin product line.

The lights will be provided by High Output, Inc., a rental facility and live event production company. Jim Hirsch, of High Output, will also be serving as Bloomberg’s lighting director for the convention coverage.

Bloomberg’s home base includes a small studio, from Seth Easter Design, and various interview setups around the convention venues. The temporary studio includes six 200-watt Bi-Flex4, six 100-watt Bi-Flex2, and 10 50-watt Bi-Flex1 units.

The Aladdin lights will be used primarily for fill, with about a dozen Zylight F8-200 LED Fresnels in use by other clients at the convention.

“The Bi-Flex is a versatile lighting tool. The quality of the soft box and egg crate grid makes it a viable option, and the color quality is just about perfect,” said Hirsch. “It’s extremely lightweight and extremely bright, but still controllable. That helps quite a bit, especially in the broadcast booth where we’re working with small pipes instead a full-size grid.”