Ericsson signs BT Sport for new broadcast augmented reality platform

Ericsson announced recently it has landed its first client for Piero Augmented Reality, its software system aimed at sports programming.

Piero launched in April and allows broadcasters to overlay 3D graphics in real-time during live studio production. Graphics can be created instantly for the system via an operator or a tablet device, with the graphics then projecting onto the studio floor for analysis and illustration.

BT Sport, a U.K. sports channel, will begin using the software for rugby coverage.

Example of Piero AR during testing.

Example of Piero AR during testing.

“We’re always looking to enhance and improve the quality of our coverage and presentation and are excited to be working with Ericsson and to be the first to use Piero Augmented Reality, we think this brand new technology will enhance our coverage and analysis and ultimately the viewer experience,” said Jamie Hindhaugh, COO of BT Sport.

Piero AR is part of Ericsson’s Piero product suite for real-time graphics creation and playout designed for sports coverage. Piero is currently used by over 50 broadcasters around the world.