Zylight distributes new line of LED fresnels from Rayzr 7

Zylight, a lighting manufacturer and distributor, will begin distributing Rayzr 7 LED fresnels this year across North and South America.

The Rayzr 7 series includes four different models, the 300 (300W) and 200 (200W) daylight and 300B (150W tungsten or daylight) and 200BM (100W tungsten or daylight) bi-color models. Compact and lightweight, all Rayzr 7 lights offer spot/flood focus, integrated DMX control, AC/DC power options, and approximately 50,000 hours of runtime.

“We’re proud to add Rayzr 7 to our growing lineup of innovative manufacturers. We want to deliver innovation to our customer, whether we make it ourselves or distribute it for others,” said Joe Arnao, president of Zylight, in a release.

“It’s all about putting the best tools in the hands of lighting professionals. NAB is a great opportunity for us to show off all these great products we distribute, as well as some new Zylight products we’ll be debuting at the show.”